Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is award-winning nonprofit accounting software that assists you with running your business more effectively, gaining greater insight into your financial activities and provides lasting benefits by automating your processes.

From small start-ups to larger organizations, Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ makes it easier for organizations to manage their financials.  The built-in windows based reporting system is custom designable and user friendly. 

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ has all the usual fields necessary for agencies to process accounts payable, accounts receivable, depreciation, journal entries, payroll, inventory, and budget entries.  User defined fields are available for any agency specific items that do not have fields already in the software.  These fields can be attached to all levels of entry and are automatically added to the reporting system that is built-in to the software.

Abila MIP Advance

A true fund accounting system, Abila MIP Advance™ enables nonprofit organizations and municipalities to boost fiscal stability and manage ever-increasing financial complexities with ease and confidence.

By combining the time-tested Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ platform with a modern, yet familiar user experience, powerful dashboard tools, and seamless integration with other mission-critical systems, Abila MIP Advance™ delivers everything you need to track, report, and manage finances according to your unique revenue sources.

Its flexibility enables you to serve your organization – today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The AccuFund Accounting Suite

is an extensive line of integrated modules giving the nonprofit accounting department a complete fund accounting solution. As a product designed specifically for nonprofits, it has multiple features to meet their needs including Allocations, Grant Accounting, Payroll with extensive labor distribution capabilities and Client Accounting to name a few.

AccuFund Anywhere

is AccuFund Inc.'s true browser-based accounting solution designed specifically for nonprofit and government organizations.  Access your accounting from anywhere that you or your users have internet access without the need to download any browser add-ins.  AccuFund Anywhere is a true fund accounting solution based on our award winning on premise software, the AccuFund Accounting Suite.

Representative Payee

The AccuFund Representative Payee module is a stand-alone application designed for use by social service agencies and government agencies that serve as fiscal guardians for clients or patients who are unable to manage their finances (e.g. the elderly, mentally handicapped and drug-dependent). Representative Payee enables tremendous time-savings for these organizations because it relieves them of the detail-intensive burden of coordinating accounting for individual clients. 

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