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Security is at the top of the list of important features.  Each entry, report or activity in the software has a user specific right that is further broke into view, edit, delete, add, and process.  Account level security adds another dimension to the security feature.  Additional security is assigned at each program or department level so individuals only have access to their area of management.  Rights can be assigned to each individual or to a group of individuals that have the same tasks.

Date limitations prohibit activity from being entered into a prior or subsequent time frame.  The dates are easily modified and are able to be different for different entry types.   Accounts payable can be closed for the prior month leaving journal entries open for closing entries.  Budget entries can be allowed in the next year while all other entries are prohibited.

User Defined Fields

Sage Fund Accounting has all the usual fields necessary for agencies to process accounts payable, accounts receivable, depreciation, journal entries, payroll, inventory, and budget entries.  User defined fields are available for any agency specific items that do not have fields already in the software.  These fields can be attached to all levels of entry and are automatically added to the reporting system that is built-in to the software.


Paperless processing and filing saves storage space and time for retrieving original documentation.  Paperless processing is a built-in feature of the software.  Activation is as easy as setting up the storage locations for the files and connecting a scanner to create the PDF’s to attach to entries.

Customizable Workstation Options

Each workstation has specific options that allow each user to adjust the settings to their preferences.  No more having to hit tab to move to the next field if you like to hit enter.  You select the options.

Chart of Accounts

The unique design of the chart of accounts broken into individual segments allows for a multitude of unique options in your design.  A few of the considerations is multiple payable or receivable accounts that are directly linked to different cash accounts.  The net asset account can be subdivided by restriction, fund, grant, program or any other segment created to meet your agency needs.

Distribution Codes

Distribution codes are a built-in feature of the software that is used in all modules.  It distributes an amount across a predetermined set of account code combinations using specific amounts, percentages or units.  The use of distribution codes saves hours of entry time.  They are easy to use and edit.  One code based on square footage can be used for a multiple of expenses since the general ledger account code is not part of the distribution code.  The same code can be used for gas, electric, water, and rent invoices.  

Report Writer

Sage Fund Accounting has a built-in, comprehensive report writer that is tied directly to the general ledger.  The chart of accounts dynamic design and flexibility within the report writer delivers the critical reports required by your funding sources.  The report writer easily adapts reports to present vital information to the internal management team and the board members. 

Reports are grouped into accounting functional areas.   Navigation through the report design is intuitive and quickly accomplished with a click or two of the options.  With one change a organization wide report can be displayed paged by programs or locations. 

Report Writer Features:

  • Nonprofit FASB compliant and audit financial statements

  • Governmental GASB compliant financial statements

  • Reports containing multiple fiscal years or periods

  • Reports that cross fiscal years

  • Customizable financial statement formats

  • Nonprofit 990 worksheet

  • Custom columns containing formulas and rolling dates

  • Charting


Available Financial Statement Reports:

  • Statement of Financial Position

  • Statement of Activities

  • Balance Sheet

  • Statement of Revenue and Expense

  • Cash Flow Statement

Software Integration

Recording activity in fundraising and development, programs and operations and accounting systems can involve many different software packages.  Software integration between these packages can streamline many of the daily tasks required.  There are extensive systems integration programs to other software vendors who offer specialized solutions for program support.  Over and above these specialized products Abila Fund Accounting™ is able to bring activity in from a third party product with the import module.  Any of these integration methods will save your organization valuable duplication of entry time and reduction entry error.