Available Modules for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™


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Allocation Management

Allocations can be performed on any account balance and at any segment level.  Entries charged to an account are allocated across selected segments at specific time frames.  The allocation can be charged directly against the original GL account or to another contra account in order to leave the original balance intact.  If a contra account is used report groups can be established to combine balances on financials when detail is not needed.  There are a number of methods available to determine the allocation amounts across the chosen segments.  Allocation codes are used to define the specifications the system will use to create the allocation entries.  The method of calculation, the segments to be allocated, the basis of the allocation calculation, and the accounts to receive the allocation are established with the allocation code.  The system can process multiple allocations codes in one calculation.  Each allocation will be processed in the order listed and will calculate as if the previous one has been posted.  A pre-allocation report can be printed prior to posting the allocated transactions.  The allocation calculation can be edited or deleted and recalculated prior to posting.   Once created, allocation sessions and documents can be reversed or copied just like other entries in the system.


The Budget Module provides you with a worksheet with the look and feel of Excel to enter your figures in.  Worksheets can be changed using % or set dollar amounts to specific line items or across the whole spreadsheet.  Track multiple unique agency wide budgets or combine multiple program budgets into one agency wide budget.  The flexibility of this module allows you to determine the easiest method to get the details into the software.

Electronic Requisitions

The first step in the procurement process is the requisition.  The Electronic Requisition module for Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ allows you to assign multiple levels of approval authorization prior to final approval and purchase of an item.  Dollar limits are available to be applied to each user in the requisition or approval of an item.  The requisition is then pushed into the purchase order module for purchase and payment without having to rekey the information at each step.

Purchase Orders

Use item codes to define particular merchandise or services and the quantities and pricing associated with them for easier entry of frequently ordered items.  Automatically attach the purchase order to the invoice with the attached coding for time saving entry.  Process receipts, adjustments and cancellations to assist you with future cash requirements.


Encumbrances create a one-sided entry for anticipated expense that does not post to the general ledger.  They can be included in reports with budgets to forecast future expense.  Encumbrance can be entered while processing a purchase order and liquidated with an invoice or a cash disbursement check.  The information is entered once at the encumbrance level and flows through the other processes.  Partial purchase of the encumbrance will liquidate the encumbrance partially.  Partial liquidated encumbrances can be attached to future purchase.  Encumbrances can be liquidated without a purchase if an order is cancelled.

Inventory Control

Keep control of your inventory and manage expiration dates and multiple locations all within the inventory control module.  Create inventory assemblies and track the required general ledger coding all with the same entries.  The inventory module activates inventory related features in all other modules such as purchase orders and accounts payable, sales order and accounts receivable, and internal electronic requisitions.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Quickly and easily process payments to your vendors with the Electronic Funds Module.  No more need to sign hundreds of checks or reprint lost checks with this method of payment.  Save processing time and postage fees by utilizing email as a notification of payment processed to your vendor.  Paper voucher are printed for record of payment.

Sales Order Entry

The sales order module steps you through the normal process of order entry.  A quote does not create accounting transaction entry or effect inventory until committed to sales order.  A sales order creates accounting transaction and reserves inventory items.  A cash sale recognizes revenue and records cash deposit information.

Bank Reconciliation

Subsidiary ledgers are created for all cash accounts for reconciliation purposes.  Reconciliation items are listed based on the document date, while the GL is based on effective date.  This may cause an account to be out of balance if the dates are not the same.  Multiple entries to same cash account, document and day will display as one amount.

Visual Analyzer 

Graphical representation of your organization financial reports is provided with the Visual Analyzer Module. It allows you to zero in on your program or locationlevel details. The four main areas of information covered with the analyzer are:

  • General Ledger: displays budget vs. actual revenue and expense
  • Financial Management: displays balance sheet, trend analysis, cash management, and net assets
  • Accounts Payable: displays open payable balances and amount paid by vendor
  • Accounts Receivable: displays open receivable balances and amounts received by customer


Provides all the functionality needed to track payroll information for your employees as well as benefits, leave, taxes due and withheld.  Tax returns are prepared within the software from payrolls processed.  Both forms of filing, E-file or printed returns, are available.  Easily distribute employee time and benefits based on a unique coding created for each required source or program level tracking.

Direct Deposit

Directly deposit payroll funds and print paper vouchers for distribution to your employees.  Funds are readily available for employees and no need to reprint lost checks makes the payroll system faster and easier to maintain for you.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Module is the newest member of the Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ modules.  Now there is a place to track all the statistical data that is required by your funding sources right alongside the financial data. 

Fixed Assets

Track and depreciate your fixed assets all within your accounting software.  Due to the segmented chart of accounts each fixed asset’s cost and depreciation expense can be tracked right down to the source or program level if required by the organization.

Advanced Security

Limit exposure if information with the advanced security module.  It assigns each user the program or cost levels that they are responsible for.  Data entry and reporting is filtered automatically by the assigned accounts.

Forms Designer

Save money on purchasing preprinted forms by creating your own unique organization format.
Template forms are provided by the software.   Templates can be edited to meet the organizations needs.  Insertion of your Organization logo or signatures on a check is easy with the forms designer module. 


Nightshift scheduler module reduces the load by producing reports and posting transactions during times when there is less network traffic.  E-mail notifications can be set up for when tasks are completed.  An additional feature to the scheduler is the report binder that bundles reports into a group that is processed and printed at the same time.  The scheduler module has to be active but the other modules do not have to be active for the scheduler to process tasks.

Data Consolidation

The consolidation module gives the ability to combine balances from multiple organizations, create consolidated financial and organizational list reports.  In order to accomplish this, the individual and the consolidated organizations have to be created with the same account structures for segments to be consolidated.  

Data Import/Export

Importing is an alternative method to manually entering data into the system.  It can be used to import list information for maintain areas and transaction activity.  The import process requires the use of two files.  The data file contains information to be imported and is usually set up in an excel spreadsheet.  The definition file contains a mapping between Fund Accounting and the data file of the fields to import.  Data compiled in reports can be exported to Excel, a PDF file, a data file or attached as a PDF file to an email.  Export is available in most reports and is activated after the selecting or creating the report.  Exported files can be saved anywhere on the network. 

Grant Administration

This module allows you to keep the information regard each specific grant within your accounting system and gives you the ability to print the data on your forms.  This will save you from looking through files that span a number of years to find the original documentation of a grant that spans a number of years.

General Ledger

Standard entries are made easy with all the special features provided within Abila MIP Fund Accounting™.  Distribution codes make splitting cost between cost centers or programs as easy as selecting the distribution code.  Recall memorized transactions to make recurring entries quick and error free.  Use hot keys or defaults to fill in repetitious line items.  Report on all levels of activity quickly, easily and accurately with a reporting system that is tied directly to the general ledger. 

Accounts Payable

Enter expenses, pay invoices, and process 1099 forms with the accounts payable module.  Use multiple payable and cash accounts to track different funds.  Report on the amounts paid or outstanding by vendor.  The ability to enter credit memos or void checks are additional features of this module.  Security controls are in place to verify the vendor payments cannot be changed after processing.

Accounts Receivable

Billing information can be manually entered or imported as vouchers are created or bills can be printed from the software.  Reports on customer balance and individual activity are available from all sources of entry.  Billing groups and charge codes make it easy to process large number of invoices and recurring entries allows for ease in processing repeat billings.  Import from third party billing software to save on duplication of effort and entry errors.


Abila MIP Fund Accounting ™is GASB compliant and contains GASB financial reports.


Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ gives you the ability to enter the exchange rate of the day for multiple currencies.  The transactions entered are converted to your organization's currency and the exchange amounts placed in the general ledger accounts assigned.